Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life Together: The Beginnings of Christian Community: An Anticipatory Writing

I just moved for the first time ever in my entire 25+ years of life! I moved out of my parents house and in with four other Christian men from my church, and we are going to share a four bedroom- plus finished basement for a fifth bedroom- house together. There are several things that excite me about this, as I have seen God have His hand in the process so far, and believe we are all going to encourage each other to grow closer to the Lord as we do life together. This won’t be just through nights of Bible studies and prayer times, but I believe will happen in the daily life moments we will share.

Here are five things I am looking forward to and or excited about in the coming year of community living at the “1 Corinthians 16:13-14 House” or the “1 Cor. 16 House” for short J

1. Coffee Time

I kid you not, one of the biggest things I am looking forward to is coming home from work, or coming downstairs from my room into our kitchen and having a friend around to sit down and have coffee and conversation with. Being that I am living with four other fellas, the chance for this to occur is quite high. We can sit down, have a hot cup of caffeine infused liquid and talk about our lives, and what other things God has put on our heart, and we can do this without needing to meet up somewhere and spend three bucks on a cup of coffee!

2. Having a Room Upstairs

Prior to last week, I had spent my whole life living in a ranch house, and thus never had an upstairs bedroom. My room at my parents’ house was awesome and sits centralized, facing the back of the house, so there is a lot of privacy. Yet, since I was about seven years old, I had always dreamed about what it would be like to have an upstairs bedroom. Well, now I finally am fulfilling my curiosity, as we are renting a colonial, which has bedrooms upstairs! My room also faced the front of the house, so I can watch as my housemates arrive back home, as well as watching action going on up and down our street, action, which should increase as summer approaches!

3. Not Having To Take the Trash Out!

Funny story here; since high school it has been my job to take the trash out at home as one of my daily chores, as well as taking the trash out to the street once a week. Part of my agreement with my housemates has been that this is one job I will NOT do as a member of the “1 Cor. 16 House.” I am glad to be our main cook, as well as helping to clean around the house, and anything else that may need done, but I do not want to take the trash out! They have kindly agreed to this J

4. Having Friends Over Often

To this point in my life, my parents have been awesome and always open to allowing me to have friends over for various summer holidays and other fun events! Now at the “1 Cor 16 House” I look forward to having friends over quite often. As the five of us housemates met up over the last couple of months to discuss various aspects of community living, we all agreed that we want our house to be a ministry to our friends and church community. A big part of that will be having friends over just about any point during the day and evening. We want our house to be a place where people feel welcome all the time, and a place where we can reflect the love of God to those who enter our home! Also, I look forward to movie nights, prayer nights, and just overall fellowship nights!

5. Being Able To Host Bible Studies

One of the things God has laid on my heart the last few months has been stepping out in faith and leading a Bible study small group this upcoming summer. My dad and I have co-led studies before, and I now feel he has mentored me enough to step out on my own. I have spoken with the man in charge of small groups at our church and he is very open to me leading one this upcoming summer semester. Now I have our house to offer as a meeting place, and it is a house with a very large family room that will be perfect for hosting a small group. The five of us fellas have been blessed that all of our families have donated couches, recliners and end tables so that we have been able to furnish all of our large living spaces. The stage is set, now I just need to trust God and see what He does!

In fact, that truth about trusting God is kind of what we all are realizing with community living. God has orchestrated so much already in leading us to the house, allowing us to work with a realtor who also knows the Lord, and providing us with so many people who not only helped us move in, but offered us house items as well. So many pieces of have fallen into place, now it is time to watch what God does! So this next year I dedicate to God using me however he wishes in being a contributor to the community and brotherhood of “1 Cor 16 House.” Here we go!

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